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The Tanner Household

 Danny's full name is Daniel Ernest Tanner.
 Jesse's full name is Jesse Katsopolis.
 Joey's full name is Joseph Alvin Gladstone.
 D.J is short for Donna Jo, but her full name is Donna Jo Margaret Tanner.
 Stephanie's full name is Stephanie Judith Tanner.
 Michelle's full name is Michelle Elizabeth Tanner.
 Becky's full name is Rebecca Donaldson.
 Nicky & Alex' full names are Nicholas and Alexander Katsopolis.

The livingroom

 The Full House theme song is called 'Everywhere you look'.
 All the shots in the city of San Fransisco were taped on one day, and were used 
    during the entire eight seasons.
 Danny's mustang is called 'Bullitt'.
 The producers of the show didn't want people to know that Mary-Kate & Ashley 
    were two people so they were credited as Mary Kate Ashley Olsen.
 'Uncle' Joey isn't really the girls uncle, he's Danny's best friend since 5th grade.
 Uncle Jesse, on the other hand, is the girls real uncle. He is Pam Tanner's
    younger brother.
 Full House aired for the first time on September 22, 1987.
 During the first season the show aired Friday nights at 8:00 pm.
 The Tanner Family lives in San Fransisco, California.
 Their address is 1882 Girard Street.
 Their phone number is 555 2424.
 Pam Tanner is Danny's late wife, and the girls mother.
 Pam was killed by a drunk driver.
 After the first season Jesse changed his last name from Cochran to Katsopolis.
 The title of the show was initially 'House of Comics' because of stand up
    comedians Bob Saget and Dave Coulier, but got changed to 'Full House' when it
    became clear it was going to be more of a family oriented show.
 In the unaired pilot episode, John Posey plays the role of Danny Tanner, but by
    the time the series went to air, Bob Saget had landed the role.

The upstairs

 Kimmy Gibbler is D.J's best friend and the Tanner's next door neighbour.
 During season 6-7, D.J get a steady boyfriend named Steve.
 The Full House set was later used to record 'Friends'.

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